Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Wise Ones


In my dream those who had Ascended smiled and encouraged me.    "We Are One Only In Love",  said the Wise Ones. 

I awakened in tears.  Understanding flowed into the ocean of my heart.  We have wasted thousands of years condemning, fearing and killing eachother selfishly. 

 We Must Choose!  Divine Spirit offers only the Breath of Love.  I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Forgiveness with Love. 

Today I will share Hope even when I am told there is no room for Hope.  I will honor the Wise Ones with my Faith and Good Actions.  I embrace their lesson of Oneness.  No Matter the Circumstance,  I have put down my sword.

 I walk with a desire to help, and to harm none.  I Choose to Love!  I Awaken and Re-member  We Are One Only In Love!

Again Deeply I Breathe.  In Love.  Out Forgiveness with Love.

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