Thursday, March 20, 2014

Re-Birth and Renewal


With Humility, I take a moment to still myself.

I Breathe Six Times and feel
the Love of the Uni-Verse embrace me
 and offer the Grace of Renewal.

Deeply I Exhale with each breath
and let go of every thought that is not Love.

I Breathe and offer Gratitude.

 I open my heart and feel the lessons
of the dove, the dolphin, the butterfly
and the phoenix.

It is like I am walking on water
 into the clouds of heaven.

I am reminded that Wisdom
offers Patience and Fluidity.

Love's beginnings are beyond time
 and serve as an infinite Ocean of Grace
 that teaches Compassion.

 Love is meant to flow and has ending.

 I Breathe and Exhale Deeply.

Only Through Love am I offered
Re-Birth and Renewal.

I Breathe with Gratitude!

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