Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Listen


I Breathe Slowly in and out Ten Times.  I still myself and listen to  the voice of Uni-Verse--

"I believe in you and value you.  I saw you as Stardust. I know your goodness.  I know your fear of Light and of Love.  I know of your selfish ways for they have long saddened me.  I Forgive You.

Just Listen. I Love You. Hear me through the birds chirping, the wind whistling through trees and the ocean's roar. 

Breathe deeply and smell me in the honey suckle and cherry blossoms.  Taste me in the avocado, the apple, the blueberry, the carrot, the ginger and turnips.  Look at me in the Sky.

Remember it is I who share the magnificent moon,  the glistening stars and the ebullient sun with you.  The Land is not yours to fight over.  It is Mine!  All Is Mine.  I share it with you in Love. 

Just Listen.  Stop Fighting.  I Love You.  Feel me in your hearts through your acts of compassion and cooperation.  Find your way back to Love.  Just Listen.  I Forgive You.  I Love You! "    

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