Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letting Go of the Lie


Greed, Envy and Selfishness has caused so many of us to hide the Truth and lie to protect our material selves. But lies have no strength or foundation in Love. Every lie becomes first a distraction and then, a weapon of despair used to subjugate and promote acts of violence and wars. 

Though the Truth may be painful, through Courage, it provides us an opportunity to ask for and offer Forgiveness so that we can be like lights in a tunnel of darkness where so many of us have lost their way. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times. With each Breath, I Inhale Love. As I Exhale, I let go of every lie I have been told to make me believe that one group of people is superior over another. 

I sit quietly in the newness of Truth. I understand that by believing in fairness and equity and offering compassion and love; ancient wounds can be healed.

And so, it is for Our Blessed Creator, the Children of the many generations to come, and for every Ancestor who desired Peace that I am given the fortitude and strength to offer my hand in Friendship. 

I will say even to the one that I thought I despised,

"Let us care enough to be Truthful and learn to walk together as equals, sharing our cultural and material gifts; and step into our destiny of hope with Loving Hearts!" 

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